Landscape design is the process of developing sensible and pleasing outdoor living space.

Landscape design is the art of arranging or refashioning the features of a courtyard, for artistic or practical reasons.

The conventional view of landscape design is a detailed drawing specifying the location of each shrub and flowerbed.

In fact, this means that you are augmenting the design process each time you bring home a plant from the nursery. So basically it is the arrival and the positioning of the tiny green tots that make up the landscape design.

With the awareness and interest of landscape gardening shooting high, it should be in the best interest of people to have proper ideas before plunging into action.

When done without proper planning, many landscapes look like an assortment of randomly chosen and unevenly placed plants.

Such an unplanned setup would lead to higher maintenance costs; frequent trimming or sometimes these plants are completely removed before their lifespan.

Once you are clear about what is the landscape design all about. Irrespective of the method you choose, here are seven landscape design ideas for beginners.