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We are experts in our field of work

Our dedicated members

Chris McCann –Project Coordinator / Partner

Nick Kurceba –Customer Service Manager / Partner

Stefan Bukmeier –Site Superintendent

Mike Bolger –Mobile Equipment Manager

35 Years of Expertise in LANDSCAPING

QCC 360 is an Edmonton based company, founded by three life long friends: Nick Kurceba, Stefan Bukmeier and Chris McCann.

We started as a simple snow removal company, servicing customers throughout Edmonton in the cold winter months. With word of mouth and continued customer satisfaction QCC 360 has grown in to a company that thrives year round, completing landscaping projects for some of Edmonton's biggest home builders. QCC 360 does snow removal for individuals and property management companies in the winter.
With a focus on customer satisfaction and reliability, QCC 360 continues to grow their market share and customer based throughout Alberta.


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